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Patent Prosecution

Protecting inventors and their ideas

An inventor has the right to reap the rewards resulting from a new idea. If you have created an invention or improvement, pursuing a patent provides you with vital protections to exclusive use and benefits derived from your invention. At the Law Office of Raymond Sun, I have years of experience helping inventors at all stages of patent filing and defending your patent rights from infringement.

Applying for your patent application

If your invention appears to be unique, I walk you through the complex process of preparing your application, including creating essential drawings and descriptions. If necessary, I can assist you with patent searches that are geared towards avoid infringement of other parties’ patents, and towards determining the patentability and scope of protection available for your invention. I can also assist you in the filing of any design applications intended to protect ornamental designs relating to your product and/or invention.

Defending your rights

If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your patent rights, I will use my best efforts to cause the infringement to cease. I have extensive experience in crafting creative settlements and license agreements intended to maximize the protection of your patents, and the recovery of damages.

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